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With a brilliant nod to Basquiat, Fearless Sports recognizes the innovations of Black inventors and creators with the newest Black Lives Matter Collection design


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Our newest addition to the Fearless Sports Black Lives Matter Collection is here and we’re excited to share the magic behind the unique design with you. Our Black Lives Create image is a one-of-a-kind design, inspired by strong Black creatives that have made a name for themselves throughout history. This powerful image lets you make a statement while increasing your own direct impact. It is the newest and most stylish Black Lives Matter shirt to hit the scene that highlights the collaborative power of our community.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat, a strong Black creative who used art to make his voice heard, inspires our newest design.

Our team worked to come up with a design that matched his message of strength. His work inspired conversation, so it was our goal for our newest BLM design to do the same. The first step in appreciating the passion behind the newest additions to the Collection is understanding Basquiat’s creative upbringing.

Passionate about questioning power structures, Jean-Michel Basquiat uses his art to make a statement

December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988

Basquiat was a Black creative from New York. He grew up questioning the power structures around him. He expressed his revelations through unconventional art. 

His pieces used social commentary to address current discourse in the world, including class, race, and power. 

Basquiat used a variety of artistic methods to express himself:

Black Lives Create Collection design

Interpretation through expression leads to a creative burst of passion

Our newest Fearless Sports design highlights Jean-Michel Basquiat’s use of argument in art. His work was often difficult to interpret, as it challenged the power structures that existed at the time. Our Fearless Sports team adopted his creative burst of passion to create the best Black Lives Matter Collection yet. 

Basquiat mixed historical information with contemporary critique. This forces you to view the world around you from a perspective different from your own. This design will educate people about the Black innovators, like Basquiat, who made a positive impact on society through their own creative process.

Inspired By Action

We at Fearless take inspiration from doers. People who aren’t afraid to face a challenge and change the world along the way. Our newest design for Fearless Sports gear captures the passion of our team. It showcases our respect for those in the Black community that have taken their time to improve ours. No impact is too small. We wanted to explore the many ways Black creators have improved the quality of life for all races, genders, sexualities, etc. 

These men and women were not seeking money or praise when they thought to cultivate these ideas. Their main goal was the betterment of our society. We show our appreciation for the way these Black creators changed our world through this original design. Social impact never goes out of style.

Black Innovation Inspires

Our newest Fearless Sports design showcases over 20 Black creators that left a great impact on our society. These leaders have paved the way for the quality of life we have today. They inspire us to continue creating. Making an impact. Starting a movement. The Black innovators featured in this year’s design used their passion to create a movement. 

With this design, their words of wisdom live on and continue to inspire current creators. Together, with Heroes from the past, we can persist in creating a more solid future by daring to dream. 

Meet the Fearless Inventors and Inventions Featured in Our Design

The Black Excellence featured on this design were powerful enough to know they had the ability to make a movement. These men and women felt inspired enough by societal discourse and discomfort to make a change in the world they saw around them. We carry their passion with us as we move forward in the world and continue creating, generating, and doing.

George Crum

After slicing an order of french fries extra thin to spite a demanding customer, George Crum invented the potato chip. This invention eventually led to Crum opening his own successful restaurant in New York in the early 1900’s. 

Henry Sampson

Sampson is responsible for the magic behind our portable devices. His invention and patent of the gamma-electrical cell changed the way we communicate forever. 

W.B. Purvis Hand stamp invention on the Best Black Lives Matter t-shirt
W.B. Purvis

Purvis spent his life exploring literature. He was constantly creating ways to improve the writing process, such as a pen or a hand stamp

Dr George Grant Gold Tee invention on the Best Black Lives Matter t-shirt
Dr. George Grant

Dr. Grant was tired of the messiness behind his favorite recreational pastime, so he created the wooden golf tee in 1899. He handed out prototypes and early models to family and friends instead of capitalizing on his invention.

Alice H. Parker

One of our featured female Black creatives, Alice Parker patented a system of central heating. Her design used cool air to be drawn in and conveyed through a heat exchange that would then be dispersed through individual rooms of a home. 

Charles R. Drew

During his years as a medical researcher, Drew learned blood could be refrigerated after being separated from the plasma. This led to the invention of the blood bank. This creation had a direct impact on the Black community because it came at a time of extreme segregation. Many Black Americans weren’t receiving the same medical treatment as their white counterparts.

Lonnie Johnson

A beautiful accident of environment and energy, Johnson invented the super soaker in the 1980s. 

Alfred L. Cralle Ice cream scoop invention on the Best Black Lives Matter t-shirt
Alfred L. Cralle

Cralle realized there must be a simpler way to serve America’s favorite frozen treat. She invented the ice cream scooper in 1897.

Lewis H. Latimer

Latimer was an electrical pioneer who created a carbon filament for lightbulbs that was more durable than Edison’s bamboo fixture. 

John Purdy folding chair invention on the Best Black Lives Matter t-shirt
Johnny Purdy

Purdy’s initial prototype of the folding chair was the lead catalyst for the invention of hundreds of other collapsible chairs. 

Joseph A. Smith

Smith bettered the existing lawn sprinkler design by creating the first rotary-head lawn sprinkler.

3 models walking up to camera in their black lives create shirts

Many of these innovations are a part of our daily lives.

Potato chips are our favorite lunchtime snack. An ice cream scooper is in every household cabinet. A cell phone is in every hand, including yours right now.  Some of these creations are never fully appreciated until needed. Their true impact becomes clear when they are what will save your life.  Others we are fortunate to have and can’t even imagine a life without, such as central heating. Then there are the inventions that simply made life a little more fun, such as the lawn sprinkler or golf tee. No matter how small or large, these Black collaborators inspired changes to society. Our design commemorates them while motivating us to continue sharing their vision of change. It moves us to continue challenging the way of life around us. It encourages us to use our experiences to envision a better world, in the way that these Black men and women did.

Creativity inspires a new creation for the Fearless Sports Black Lives Matter Collection 

Fearless Sports believes no one should ever have to trade comfort for creativity. Our Black Lives Creative apparel line connects celebration with education in a unique, stand-out way. Fearless Sports follows the lead of these, and many other, Black creatives. By providing a way to express appreciation for the Black community and the BLM movement, we adopt the attitudes of the Black innovators. This design encourages conversation combined with collaboration. It also supports the continuing of creation from Black excellence. We must follow in the footsteps of Black creators before us and continue making an impact.

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